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Hip Hop Happy CD

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Happy songs for happy children by Sing With Piccolo

Track List:

Piccolo Hello Song

Sing with me

In the Pink

I’ve found a little Rockpool

Eight Hairy Legs

Five Little Firemen

How Many Legs?

Wishy Washy

Hide and Peep

Un Petit Pouce

The Frog Song

I Travelled Over Land and Sea

Why do Bees make Honey?

Can you Fly a Plane?

Old King Cole

What makes Ten?

Going to the Seaside

Snap Roar Hiss!

My Mummy is a Baker

Riggedy Jig

Head Full of Numbers

Jelly on a Plate

We Can play our Drums

When I was One

Walking through the Jungle

Little Red Riding Hood

Two Fat Gentlemen

Five Fingers

Whose Pigs are These?

Down in the Jungle

1 2 How do you do?

Are We Nearly There yet?

The Big Ship Sailed

Plod Plod Plod

A Tiny Seed

What’s the Time?

Counting the Sheep


Web of Dreams

Piccolo Goodbye Song